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11 TV Shows That Won’t Be Coming Back Next Season


It is around May which is the time when the five major television networks—ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, and the CW—announce their shows that got renewed, picked up, and canceled. The time has come, and several long-running and popular shows have been axed off the schedule.

Many fans of long-running shows have been left disappointed by the decisions of the networks because of the long lifespan of the shows, the already established fan bases, and the plot questions left unanswered.

But, their opinions do not matter, as networks make the decisions by themselves. Some decisions are due to ratings, while others are due to how long a show has been on the air for. Other considerations include profit and positive reviews.

A handful of shows has been canceled by the major networks, ultimately making room for new shows that will try to captivate and draw in viewers. Whether these new shows will be a success, we will have to see in the coming season. The following are 11 shows that have been canceled.


1. The Catch: Created by producer Shonda Rhimes and airing on ABC, the show has been canceled after only two seasons and a total of 20 episodes.


Coming from showrunner Shonda Rhimes, viewers would expect this show to go on for a lot longer like her series Grey’s Anatomy.


Unfortunately, the series struggled with mediocre ratings from the beginning and fell to new lows in the second season. ABC decided to let it go.


2. Chicago Justice: This show is a spinoff of the highly successful Chicago shows from producer Dick Wolf. Unfortunately, it failed to make it past its very first season, as NBC decided to cancel it.


“Justice” was the lowest-rated among the four Chicago shows that were on the network, so the network opted out of renewing it for a second season.


3. 2 Broke Girls: The sitcom starring Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs has been axed by CBS after six seasons.


The show was once the network’s highest watched show, but the cancellation was due to failed negotiations between CBC and Warner Brothers.


4. American Crime: American Crime has been canceled by ABC after three seasons, despite having several Emmy nominations.


5. Last Man Standing: Last Man Standing, starring Tim Allen, has been canceled by ABC after six seasons. This cancellation was a sudden one to viewers and fans of Tim Allen.


6. Pretty Little Liars: Freeform has decided to end Pretty Little Liars after six seasons because they feel it has had its run. It was the network’s biggest show and drew huge social media attention.


7. Bones: After twelve seasons on Fox, the network has decided to end Bones, as the series has been on the air for a long time.


8. Man Seeking Woman: After three seasons on FXX, the network has decided to cancel Man Seeking Woman, starring Jay Baruchel, due to low ratings.


9. The Vampire Diaries: The CW has decided to end The Vampire Diaries after an eight-season run. The decision to put an end to the show was announced before the last season.


10. Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders: CBS has decided to cancel the spinoff to the series Criminal Minds, as it did not attract the same attention it should have after two seasons.


11. Scream Queens: After only two seasons on the air, Fox has decided to cancel Scream Queens from creator Ryan Murphy. It failed to bring in solid ratings, despite an all-star cast.



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