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Siberia’s Melting Ice Layers Are Revealing Ancient Forests Underneath



Known as the doorway to hell or the gates to the underworld, this crater in Siberia is getting bigger, and scientists are getting closer to discovering why. Its actual name is the Batagiaka crater and it’s located in eastern Siberia.

The more it expands, the more layers of nature it reveals. The latest update has been the uncovering of ancient forests.

This permafrost has literally been on thin ice over the past few years. With conditions varying, more and more holes are starting to appear and in some locations the tundra bubbles under people’s feet.

The crater is growing so rapidly, that it’s uncovering other things like carcasses and up to 200,000 years of climate records. No wonder it’s nicknamed the ‘doorway to the underworld.’

The Batagiaka crater is the largest of its kind and it’s still growing. The most recent measurements were taken in February of this year and it’s estimated to be 0.6 miles long and 282 feet deep.

Locals are cautious of the area. They approach carefully and have reported hearing strange and ominous noises which are what has lead to the cryptic nicknames.

However, scientists are actually fascinated and find that the crater offers a more ‘Earthly fascination,’ according to the National Geographic.

The crater is caused by melting permafrost. The National Geographic explained that ‘by melting permafrost, the perennially frozen soil remains in that state for at least two consecutive years. The resulting irregular terrain of mounds and hollows is called thermokarst’

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