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These Are The Side Effects Of Sleeping On Your Back, Side, And Stomach

About one third of your life is spent sleeping so it’s important that you’re doing it right. The way you go to bed at night can have some serious effects on your body throughout the day. Whether you like to sleep on your back, side, or stomach, each position has it’s positives and negatives. In this video, Dr. Janet Kennedy, Ph.D., clinical psychologist explains the effects of different sleeping positions.  

 For those that like to plop on their bed face first, we have some bad news for you. Dr. Kennedy reveals that sleeping on your stomach is “probably the worst out of the three.” This position adds stress on your neck  and lower back. However, the use of pillows can help with the unnecessary stress but it may be difficult to stay comfortable in this position all night long.


And despite the rumors that we’ve heard in the past, sleeping on your back is actually the BEST for spinal alignment! Weird right? We were always told to tape a tennis ball to our backs in order to avoid sleeping on our backs, but apparently it’s good for your spine. Sleeping in strange positions can result in pains and stiffness in different areas on your body.

But there is a downside to this position. “Sleeping on your back puts you at risk for snoring and snoring really, really impacts your sleep quality,” she says. “Both your own and everyone around you. So if you do snore, then sleeping on your back is probably not the best for you.”

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