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Signs That You Might Have An Intimidating Personality


IQ has long been thought of as an indicator of intelligence and how well someone will do in life. But new research has identified that EI, our emotional intelligence, is just as important as IQ. This is because one’s social aptitudes and strengths play a huge role in how we navigate the world.

Someone who is great at calculating math, or conducting physics experiments might become a great mathematician or a leading astrophysicist. But, is that more important than someone who is able to emotionally connect and empathize with people?

Those are some qualities of someone who has a high IE or EQ. But what about those with a ‘strong’ or ‘intimidating’ personality? What does it mean to have a strong personality?

Read more to find out if you have an intimidating personality.

Some signs that show you may have an intimidating personality involve your speech or your banter. How you communicate and what you like to talk about can say a lot about your character.

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Someone with an intimidating personality might be reluctant in pursuing small talk or ‘simple banter.’ They are generally more concerned with eye-opening conversations or in-depth looks into subjects.

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Furthermore, these people are not afraid to let you know how they think and only care about the task that they have at hand.


A second attribute that can showcase an intimidating personality can be judgmental or harsh behavior.


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