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10 Signs Of Genius That Have Nothing To Do With IQ


What do you think about when you hear the word genius? Most people might picture someone like Albert Einstein or a brain surgeon. Perhaps you  may classify a certain musician as a genius.

But did you know that researchers have discovered that being a genius does not necessarily have to be related to a high IQ?

Intelligence is calculated and measured by the way you acquire new knowledge and skills and how you apply them. However, generally smart people don’t have to be extremely brainy to be geniuses. In fact, sometimes they will go through school being average.

Instead of excelling at test scores and spelling bees, these geniuses apply their skills to the real world, instead of a boxed set of academic rules and expectations. Here are 10 signs of genius that have nothing to do with intelligence.

I bet you didn’t know it, but you might be a genius yourself! Check out these 10 signs to find out.

1. Think Before You Speak: Instead of having loose lips, these unconventional geniuses really think about what they want to say before they say it. They might avoid wit or a clever attitude and will take the time they need to answer.

2. Not Scared of Being Wrong: Geniuses recognize that they might not always be the smartest person in the room and they’re comfortable with that. They’re also totally comfortable with admitting any errors or faults.

3. Problem Solvers: They’ll think about their problems and work on how to solve them by finding real solutions as opposed to temporary fixes.

4. Non-Antagonistic:  When you’re actually smart, you know to keep your cool or else constructive discussion is harder to attain. They’ll work to resolve arguments and not seek them out.

5. They Trust Their Gut: Genuinely smart people know to trust their intuition and usually stick to their gut decision.  They know to avoid impulses and maintain focus. They stay away from impulses and focus on their long-term goals.

6. Aim to Contribute: Intelligent people will add to a conversation and break silence when they feel that they have a worthwhile contribution. They won’t speak up just to fill silence but rather when they think the people listening will benefit from what they say.

7. Offer Different Options: They won’t be argumentative or nit picky but instead will respectfully offer their opinion and will use logic and reasoning. They will try to help people see alternate perspectives.

8. They Think for Themselves: They won’t let other people’s ideas or opinions control their life.  They won’t do something just to fit in and don’t believe that the majority is always right.

9. Their Mind Operates in Constant Flux: Different states of mind and perspectives can result in different strengths and weaknesses. They may be uncertain about their desires, and ambitions but it’s for a purpose.

10. They Don’t Care About Other People’s Opinions: Geniuses are self sufficient and will do what they feel is right as long as it doesn’t hurt others.

Do any of these signs match up with you? If so, then you might very well be a genius!  



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