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Signs You Should Drink More Water Right Now

At least two-thirds of your body is made up of water and it plays an essential role in our normal functions. So when your body becomes dehydrated, it can lead to a number of ailments.

Explaining it further, three-quarters of your brain is made up of water and about 83 percent of your lungs are made up of water as well. This is clear indication that drinking a sufficient amount of water is more important than it seems. Water nourishes the bones, keeping them strong; it regulates body temperature, and also nourishes the brain and spinal cord.

This occurs when your body uses all the water and fails to replenish it. There are certain cases of mild dehydration that can be easily treated, but for more severe levels of dehydration, it can be life threatening and can also lead to severe brain issues.

Without proper function of the brain, not only will your daily functions be affected, but trying to restore the damage that was done to the brain may not be possible. Read on to find out how the brain is affected by dehydration.


Dehydration Shrinks Your Brain: Because three-quarters of your brain is made up of water, it only makes sense that when you become dehydrated; your brain shrinks in volume. This is one of the main causes of headaches.


Even a mild or temporary dehydration has the ability to alter your brain function and make a direct impact on your mood. A 2013 study was conducted that featured 20 women in their 20’s who were deprived of every beverage for 24 hours. Their thirst and heart rate saw an increase, and their urine output was reduced.


In regards to mood affects, the research team had this to say “The significant effects of [fluid deprivation] on mood included decreased alertness and increased sleepiness, fatigue and confusion. The most consistent effects of mild dehydration on mood are on sleep/wake parameter.”


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