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Simon Cowell Revealed To Have Paid For ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Finalist’s Surgery


Britain’s Got Talent is a television show that centers around the unique talents located in Britain. The grand prize is a quarter of a million pounds. The show has gone on for 11 seasons since 2007. But most recently, a dance group by the name of Mersey Girls took the stage by storm.

The group is composed of exceptional dancers but it was the medical condition of dancer Julia Carlile that caught the judge’s eye.

That one judge, in particular, was Simon Cowell.

Julia Carlile suffers from scoliosis which is when the spine curves to a side. Anything that is more than 10 degrees deviated from the center is considered scoliosis.

Due to the medical condition, Julia’s career as a dancer was at risk. Her chance to go on Britain’s Got Talent was her last shot at dance stardom before undergoing surgery in the States.

The expensive procedure costing nearly $200,000 US involves a method that fuses the spine with metal rods. This would leave Julia with little to no flexibility and no chance at ever dancing again.

The group of girls was hoping to take the prize money of 250,000 pounds (which is approximately 327,000 US dollars) to help pay for the operation.

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