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Simon Cowell’s Voice In His First Ever Television Appearance Is Unexpected

When you think about television legends a few different people might come to mind such as Oprah Winfrey or Ellen Degeneres from their successful talk show careers or Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver from the culinary world. But who could forget the infamous host of American Idol and now America’s got Talent, strong worded and savagely clever Simon Cowell. 

Even if you’re not a fan of talent competition shows, everyone has seen at least one clip of Simon Cowell dishing out his opinion with a stone cold expression and little to no remorse. And of course there’s his deep British accent delivering these punches. It kind of makes one wonder if Simon Cowell was always this critical and attune.


If there’s anyone that’s fun to imitate it’s Simon dishing out a string of insults in that voice. It’s almost difficult to recognize that what he’s saying is borderline hurtful when it’s delivered through such a smooth and unique voice. Simon also isn’t afraid to speak his mind completely, even if that means having an entire auditorium disagree with and boo him. Which has definitely happened more than a couple times on American Idol.

However, at 56 there have definitely been a ton of years to shape and change his voice and even his appearance. Has anybody ever wondered what Simon looked liked when he made his first Television debut? Well, you’re about to find out! Check out this clip of Simon from 1987 appearing on the Channel 4 show, Right to Reply.

In this clip Simon is just a 20-something as is much smaller than you’d expect! When he begins to speak it’s almost hard to believe that the youthful friendly voice coming from his lips is actually his!  

Being his first television appearance, we’re surprised at how natural and comfortable he seems. He offers his opinion on a debate about doing the dirty and he’s already showing signs of his savage and critical opinions. Though he isn’t as blunt as his current V Neck wearing gel haired self, he’s already wearing white and the bouffant hair-do is not far off from the Simon Cowell of today.

Several times he interrupts the host to get in his well thought out points on what made the debate controversial. In another one of his earlier debuts, he’s looking and sounding a bit more like the American Idol judge we all love or love to hate, but nothing beats his fresh face of the eighties. Check it out for yourself!


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