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Simple Makeup Hacks That Will Make You Look Amazing Easily

Makeup is a great way to enhance your natural beauty, or expressive your creativity by using your face as the canvas. Here are some great simple makeup hacks that you might not know about.

When you are applying any sort of face makeup you need to know which direction to apply it or it will come out looking weird. Always apply products like blush, bronzer,foundation with a sweeping motion away going up towards your ears.

There are also so many makeup brushes that you might be confused. Knowing which brush is used for which product will be really helpful.

When you are wearing lipstick or lipgloss, a helpful hack is to apply concealer around your lips for a cleaner look.


False lashes can be really intimidating if you have never used them before. This cheat sheet shows you exactly what to do to apply them yourself.


Contouring can be equally stressful, and knowing where to contour your nose will make it that much easier to try it at home. You should be strategically placing the lines in the correct place.

Another hack to know is if you run out of eyeliner, you can take an eyeliner brush and run it along the side of your mascara wand, and use the mascara as eyeliner. If you want to fill in your brows just remember you need two brushes: the small angled brush and the spoolie brush and that’s it.

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