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3 Simple Science Experiments With Balloons

Have you ever tried any cool experiments with a balloon? If you haven’t or if you’re interested in trying some out, take a look at this video. The video shows three simple, safe and fun science experiments you can perform on balloons.

The first trick requires some pins and a balloon. Inflate the balloon and then tie it off. You’ll notice first that if you place just one pin on the table and put the balloon on it, the balloon will pop. For this trick, put a handful of pins down instead of just one. Place your balloon on top of the pins and press down. You’ll notice that the balloon doesn’t pop!


This is because the pressure of the balloon is being distributed across multiple pins rather than just one, and the pressure that is on each individual pin is actually too small to make the balloon pop.

The next experiment will require some white vinegar, a funnel, baking soda, and a plastic bottle. Pour the vinegar into the plastic bottle. Next, stretch the end of your balloon onto the end of a funnel and put two tablespoons of baking soda into the funnel. Let the baking soda fall down into the balloon.


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