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Singer Stops In Middle Of Performance To Save Girl Who Is Being Harassed

Atif Aslam is a megastar in Pakistan, recording multiple number one hits and appearing on the successful television show Coke Studio. At his latest concert, he did something amazing for one specific crowd member before resuming his show.

On January 14th, Aslam was performing at the DHA Sports Club in Karachi when the crowd was getting very raucous. During the beginning of one of his songs, he signaled the band to stop and immediately pointed out a fan that was in danger.


Atif Aslam in front of crowd

A girl in the front row was being harassed by the male spectators around her, so Aslam stopped everything and got security to come “rescue her”. As the guards pulled her from the front row up onto the stage, Aslam scolded the men and told them to “act like human beings”. He wouldn’t restart until he was sure all the other fans were safe.

The promoters found the girl another seat in a secure location, as the concert restarted to huge applause. When video of the incident hit social media it exploded, causing people around the world to check out Aslam and his heroics.

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