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Single Mother Who Bought $75 School Shoes For Son, Says Teachers Threatened Him If She Didn’t Replace Them In A Week

Schools can be fairly strict with their dress codes. Different schools have different opinions on what they think is appropriate for a kid to wear. Some schools take it so seriously that they make a pretty big deal out of it, like in the UK. Over the past few weeks, kids have been getting into a bit of trouble for some of the things they’ve been wearing.


For example, a man in Newquay pulled his son from lessons because he kept getting into trouble for wearing running shoes while another little girl was sent home for wearing the wrong shoes and having her hair dyed. The latest example was a boy who was threatened because he wore the wrong shoes.

According to The Sun, Kellie McGowan was told by the school that she must replace her 14-year-old son’s Kickers Tovnie Lacers within a week. However, she couldn’t afford it after splurging on the first pair that she bought. Kellie McGowan noted that she bought the shoes because the style was listed on a school letter of acceptable footwear.

On top of all this, The Sun notes that the workers at the store were horrified when little Colby was threatened by the school that he would be put in isolation for wearing the shoes. He was given a temporary replacement pair by the teachers.


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