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Sister’s Desperate Appeal For Birthday Cards To Help ‘Very Lonely’ Brother With ‘No Friends’ Celebrate His 21st


Not everyone is born with a normal life. Some people are born into poverty where they don’t know when their next meal will be. Others are born with diseases that can make their life difficult. But if there is one thing these people can count on, it’s family. One example that comes to mind is a story where a sister helps her lonely brother.

James Weir is a sweet boy who was born with Autism. He has a hard time being social and making friends. Because of this, there are days where James is incredibly lonely. But this never breaks him, and he always has a big smile on his face.

Despite James not being bothered by this, it does bother his family though. I’d even go further to say that it breaks his family’s heart. But that was all going to change. James was getting ready to celebrate his 21st birthday in November. Celebrating your 21st birthday is a huge milestone.

Lucy Weir, who is James’s older sister, came up with a plan to surprise her younger brother with birthday cards from people around the world. She is well aware of James’s condition and knows that it makes it difficult for him to make friends.


She also mentions that it was always James’s dream to go viral any way he could. Being the older sibling, you have a responsibility to look after your younger siblings. Lucy told the Manchester Evening News that she wanted nothing more than to put a huge smile on her brother’s face on his birthday.

sister helps her lonely brother

With determination, Lucy began to try and make her brother’s day special by taking to social media. She posted an appeal on Facebook and urged people to send James birthday cards or even message him saying happy birthday.


The appeal came with a picture of James and his two sisters and it also explained that James had autism and it was difficult for him to make friends.

sister helps her lonely brotherProvidr

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