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11 Situations Where Parents Went Above And Beyond For Their Kids


Parenting has its ups and downs, and it has its happy and challenging moments. Each parent has their own unique style and most would do anything to ensure that their children are safe, happy, and healthy.

However, there are some parents who have gone so above and beyond for their kids, that it’s heartwarming.

All parents want to be considered heroes by their children, but these eleven parents took it so far that they can definitely be considered super parents.

Here are 11 parents who really raised the bar.

1. Philippe Morgese: This father taught himself how to do his daughter’s hair. At first, it started with just a braid, and then he began learning tons of intricate styles. He then founded a school to teach dads everywhere how to do their daughters’ hair called Daddy Daughter Hair Factory.

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2. Laura Kasperzak: Yoga instructor and mother Laura shows that the best way to teach your kids is to set a good example. She explained that she doesn’t force her children to do yoga, but they repeat what their mother does.

3. “Punisher”: This dad might seem intimidating, yet here he is at a Goodwill with a baby doll buckled into his cart. The reason? His daughter wanted to clothe her baby doll whose name is Davey, so this dad went out to get him some onesies and socks as well. What an awesome Dad!

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4. Blockbuster: Twitter user @Javii_Zungia has a brother with autism, and when his favorite video store closed down he was pretty upset. In order to help him feel better, his parents recreated a mini blockbuster in their own home with all of his favorite cartoons and he loved it. Way to go, mom and dad!

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