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Six Year Old Is Making $11 Million On Youtube Just By Reviewing Toys

A six-year-old is making $11 million. What exactly is he doing? He’s simply reviewing children’s toys on YouTube and making exactly $11 million a year doing it. Meet Ryan. He’s the six-year-old “host” of Ryan ToysReview, a popular channel on YouTube.

This six-year-old boy became an internet sensation after his family decided to run a YouTube channel. Oh did I mention that the kid made about $11 million in pre-tax income in 2017? Yepp, it’s true. This is all according to Forbes’ annual list of highest-earning YouTube celebrities.

Ryan ToysReview has reportedly tied with the YouTube comedy channel “Smosh” for eighth place on the Forbes list. It was last year that The Verge profiled the channel and the six-year-old’s parents, who have shot and produced the account’s almost daily released videos.

The channel itself started back in March 2015. It all began when Ryan was only 4-years-old and was a massive fan of other toy-review videos.

The six-year-old then decided to ask his parents if he could start his own YouTube channel where he reviewed toys. They agreed, and things got started.

As most channels do, Ryan ToysReview started out fairly slowly. Then suddenly, in July 2015, a video went viral and that’s when the six-year-old’s career took off.

The video featured Ryan opening and reviewing a “GIANT EGG SURPRISE” box, which contained over 100 toys from the Pixar “Cars” series. The video now has close to 800 million views.

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