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This Sixth Grader Intentionally Broke Her School’s Dress Code To Make A Point


Girls are often forced to adhere to unfair and unnecessary dress code policies in order to attend mandatory places such as school and work. Whether it be young girls in elementary school being told that their shoulders can’t be showing, or women in the workplace being judged for the length of their skirt.

What’s worse is women and young girls are often put on the spot or reprimanded simply for how they are dressing, and not for their actions. Most people are aware that several girls have been sent home from proms and other dances for exposing what others deem as too much skin.

When one sixth grader from Portland, Maine was called out for dressing inappropriately, she decided to stand up and fight back against gender inequality.

After being reprimanded twice by a teacher for wearing a shirt that she deemed inappropriate, rather than give into the system, Molly Neuner decided to stand up and fight back.

After being publicly shamed in front of her peers for wearing a purple racer back tank top, she decided to do something about the system that she found to be unequal to both genders.

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Alongside another student, Molly was called to the front of the class to have the straps of her tank top measured to ensure that they were the proper width.

Molly recalls the teacher asking her to use her fingers to measure the straps, and the entire process being ‘really uncomfortable and weird.’

Later on, when Molly was on the playground, she was approached by the same teacher who asked Molly to cover up with a sweater. When she said she didn’t have one, the teacher gave Molly a warning. The teacher told her that if this problem were to occur again she would receive a detention.

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