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This Is What The Size Of Your Pinky Finger Says About Your Personality


The ancient art of palmistry has been around for many years. It’s the technique that reveals personality and character traits by studying the size, shape and lines of the fingers and hands. During the ancient times, fortune tellers were highly recognized, but at times ostracized because people feared the art of their “magic.”

Palmists believe there are many different ways to tell the future based on someone’s hand. They will use three different lines on your hand: the head line, the heart line and the life line. But it doesn’t stop there; fingernails can also play a key role.

But palmists believe one of the most popular ways a person can learn more about themselves is by the length of their pinky finger. The length of the pinky finger can determine three types of people. Read on to find out what those types are.

Before I get into the three major types of people the pinky finger can determine, I want to touch base on the three lines that palmists use during palm reading. The life line which I mentioned, starts between the index finger and the thumb and goes all the way up to the base of the thumb.

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Next is the heart line, which reveals a persons’ emotional state, can also be a great predictor of a person’s health.

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The last line is the head line. The name is a pretty accurate description of what it does. The head line will reveal a person’s psychological makeup and their intellectual potential.

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As I also mentioned, the fingernails can also play a key role in determining a person’s health. This is not just a fortune teller technique, this is also true in the world of science as well. A glossy and smooth fingernail that have moderate hardness indicates good health.

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Now let’s talk about the height of your pinky finger. If you are a Type A, then you are a very diligent worker, a tad eccentric and can sometimes come across a big arrogant.

But you are a very good person with a kind heart which is always in the right place. The unfortunate part though is it can be very tough for people to get close to you because you keep your feelings guarded.

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Type B: If you fall under this type, you have a tendency to be a little reserved and shy and you are usually never the first one to approach a person. Your soul is very sensitive and when it comes to relationships, you are truly loving and loyal.

You are very goal driven, when you set your mind to something you see it through until it is done. But it is worth noting that you are petrified of getting hurt. Even when people tell you that you don’t need anyone, you truly know that you do need a soulmate.

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Type C: If you fall under this type, then you’re a person who doesn’t like change, surprises or the unknown. But you are very open-minded and respect others ideas.

In regards to your own problems, you don’t want to burden anyone with them so you generally keep them to yourself. You don’t hold grudges and you want to surround yourself with the utmost loyal and respectful group of people.

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Now that you’re aware of how vital your pinky finger is, these are some helpful ways you can judge a person’s character.

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Do They Show Any Act of Kindness: How often do you see the person be kind and considerate? Do they ever donate money to charity? Do they ever give money to the homeless, even if it’s as simple as 25 cents? Do they give you any reason to believe that they are willing to share this planet with billions of people?

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Do They Ever Take the Blame: It’s never easy to admit we are wrong, but it has to be done. When the person makes a mistake, do they admit they’re wrong or responsible? Or do you notice them passing the blame off to other people or making excuses.

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Are They a Show Off: We all have great achievements that we are proud of. But sometimes people take it too far too often. Listen to when a person talks, do they constantly mention their success, their achievements or how much money they have? These people will often show little humility as well.

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Evidence of Perseverance: Everyone loves a warrior. They are tenacious and gritty and will never give up when they want to achieve something. Look for evidence of this person continuously going despite many challenges they have to overcome.

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They Have a High Empathy Score: Listen to how they speak about the less fortunate in this world, the disabled and other cultures. If they speak very compassionately about them and frown on those who would dare speak bad about them, shows that they have a lot of empathy.

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