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Video Of Giant Snake Eating A Kangaroo Will Make You Want To Barf

The experience of camping becomes significantly more hardcore when the location is Australia. A family on holiday, in the land down under, got a glimpse of the country’s relentless wildlife after stumbling upon a snake swallowing a kangaroo whole just steps away from their campsite.

Helen Smart was quick to capture a video of the incredible sight, saying, “Just found this snake at the back of the caravan and I’m whispering because you can see it’s eating a kangaroo.” Smart bravely watches in awe as the 17ft scrub python consumes the kangaroo’s lifeless body.


The hooves and tail of the kangaroo are all that remain visible as the python slowly devours the marsupial’s corpse. However, the size of the meal is very much apparent through the serpent’s irregular protruding body, which leaves little to the imagination.

Helen and her family’s trip has had plenty of snake visitors, but they were shocked at the size of the scrub python they came across. “We’re used to seeing snakes around here but this was easily the biggest one,” Helen said. The footage was taken in far north Queensland at a family caravan park in Cooktown.

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Helen Smart revealed that the family had no idea that the serpent was lurking nearby, only realizing after her husband walked around the back of the caravan and nearly fell over the python. 

 “I was just glad it had already caught the roo,” Helen said who was camping with her beloved pets. “We’ve got two little dogs and one of them could easily have been gulped down. Also, I’m only 4’7 myself so in theory I’m sure it could have swallowed me too.”

Scrub pythons are Australia’s largest non-venomous snakes and can grow in excess of 8 meters (26 feet).


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