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Snake Jumps At Motorcyclist While He Is Riding Down The Road

No matter what kind of vehicle you’re in, driving in more rural areas increases the risk of interference, and not from other drivers. Scenic routes may be pleasing on the eyes, but they are also home to various wildlife, who at any given moment, could naively decide to cross the road.

Experienced drivers know to keep their eyes peeled for animals on the road as a potential collision could be life-threatening for both them and the jay-walking creature. Motorcyclists, especially, need to take extra precaution with how exposed their bodies are to the road.

While there are a number of usual suspects that have a penchant for crossing the road unexpectedly, one motorcyclist had a close call with an unlikely passerby in Lampang, Thailand. Footage from a car traveling behind the biker captured a terrifying moment where a snake suddenly lunged at him for a mid-air attack.

The startled motorcyclist can be seen lifting his legs in the air to avoid the bite as the snake tumbles hard back onto the pavement. Whether the following car turned the vengeful serpent into road kill or not is unclear, but it certainly doesn’t look too promising for the snake, who probably should have just opted for a reroute.

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