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This Guy Got Into An Unfortunate Situation On Snapchat Maps And People Can’t Stop Laughing

In this day and age, it seems like everyone with a phone and a social media account is an aspiring photographer. This can make it hard to stand out when you’re passionate about the craft.

Many photographers will go to great lengths to get the perfect shot despite the potential hazards to do so. One snap-happy photographer found a way to get an original angle on a well-documented scene but ended up in a sticky situation.

While his embarrassing situation may have gone unnoticed, a new Snapchat feature made his muddy moment a viral comedic gem.

Snapchat has unveiled its most invasive feature yet, a mapping service that shows a fairly exact location of your friends’ whereabouts in real time. The cartoon map scattered with Bitmojis has proven to be problematic for a lot of users who have been caught in lies.

Stories of how the notorious Snap Map has ruined people’s relationships have continued to accumulate, but one recent victim’s little avatar caused nothing but laughter across the Internet.

Two friends who dabble in photography were out and about in Liverpool taking pictures of ferries. However, one of the photographers got a little too ambitious when he decided to lay down in the mud to capture a unique angle.

The photographer, whose name hasn’t been revealed, ended up getting stuck in the mud. His friend documented the hilariously embarrassing moment. However, the comedy only ensued when this friend decided to check his Snap Map.

The muddy photographer’s avatar was accurately portrayed on the Snap Map as being off of the land, which only added to the hilarity. As soon as Twitter user Alby uploaded the screenshot to social media, it quickly went viral.

The tweet managed to amass over 93,000 retweets and 130,000 likes in just a matter of days. It also prompted many Twitter users to be concerned over the photographer’s well-being despite his emoji displaying a wide smile and two thumbs up.

According to Alby, his muddy friend was rescued after being stuck for a good 45 minutes. Alby mentioned that he was incredibly embarrassed by the incident. To reassure his followers, he posted a screenshot of his friend back on the map.

It’s one thing to have all of your Snapchat followers see you stranded away from the land after hearing about getting stuck in the mud, but it’s a whole other level of shame when that story becomes a viral Internet sensation.


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