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12 Funny Snapchats About Food


With filters and a drawing tool, Snapchat allows you to literally turn anything into a meme, including food. And what better way to use your food than having it star in your snapchats?

  • Aside from eating it, of course
  • And maybe feeding someone in need

Okay, so ‘snapchatting’ your food is the third most awesome thing you can do with it. (Still in the top three, and that’s good enough for me.)

So check out these super funny snapchats. We guarantee they will get you out of any mood… They might also make you incredibly hungry, but it’s worth it.

1. So it looks like Australia has a new flavored ice cream and it involves…fish. Does it smell like fish too? So many questions.

2. This person was super creative in the kitchen. / lazycaterpillar

3. You can’t deny that accidents DO happen. Then again, there are always those ‘intentional’ ones that have you reevaluating everything. / FwibbleWibble

4. These bananas are seeing their fate right before their sharpie eyes. / FwibbleWibble

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