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Sneezing Fetish Community Will Do Anything To Get A Cold

When we have a cold—or our allergies are acting up and we are a sniffling and sneezing mess—we feel pretty gross and we are pretty gross to the people around us. Is there anything worse than having a sneezing attack in a public place and watching people scatter away from you and your snot?  

There is a group of people out there though, that would find you utterly irresistible the more of a sniffly, sneezy mess you are. Sneezing so violently that you are literally having trouble keeping your bowels in? This group would just love you.


For this group of sneeze enthusiasts, a sneeze is not a sign that someone is sick and you should stay away from them. It’s rather a mating a call and they cannot get enough of it. People get their kicks off of much weirder stuff, so being into sneezing in an adult way seems pretty innocent to us.

Sneezing is actually a very popular fixation for a lot of people. There are entire forums dedicated to sneezing. There is fiction written about it, artwork, and people just sharing content about sneezing. Like a good sneezing scene from a movie or TV show.

A user on one of these sneeze obsessed forums wrote: “I realized that I had ‘something’ for sneezes when I was around eight-years-old. I would search for people sneezing on the computer almost constantly. When I would get home I would instantly go on the computer and look at stuff about sneezing for hours.” 

Other users on this forum also want to find ways to keep sneezing. Another user wrote: “I know this is weird, but I just like being sick and my immune system is ridiculously strong.”


Forums also boast discussions about peoples preferences when it comes to sneezing, for example their preferred number of sneezes. We have to imagine a doctor’s waiting room during flu season is one of their favorite places to be! So don’t ever feel self conscious about your sneeze face again, someone nearby may be enjoying it more than you will ever know.

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