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Soldier Returns From Deployment Day After His Baby Is Born, Watch When His 2-Year-Old Sees Him

Patriotism and loyalty are traits that are desired by the general public. Patriotism is a common quality because humans inherently want to be part of a team. When we hear someone representing our country in a sport, in music or in entertainment, we inherently feel a sense of pride. When international events occur, such as soccer or the Olympics, we automatically cheer for the countries that we originate from. And loyalty is just as, if not more, important as patriotism since loyalty is what allows patriotism to occur.


A video that was published on YouTube in 2014 showcases a National Guard Sergeant who was previously stationed in the Middle East. Before his deployment back home to Des Moines, Iowa, his wife Janae was set to give birth to a daughter. Janae was at the Mary Greeley Medical Center preparing for delivery but unfortunately, he was denied a temporary leave during the birth of his daughter so he couldn’t make it.

So in order to share the miraculous moment with his wife, he viewed his daughter’s birth via FaceTime. But the army officials, as well as this Army Sergeant, had something else in mind.

Read on to find out what happens when John Vorrath returned home a day after his baby girl was born.


John was told that he was ‘given permission to travel halfway around the world to surprise his wife’ and his 2-year-old son. After the FaceTime, James hopped on a plane and prepared for his 22-hour flight back home.


Vorrath was expectedly excited to see his wife, son and 1-day old daughter. The touching, loving moment could be felt when Vorrath entered into the hospital room and embraced his wife. With tears streaming down his face he placed his eyes on his newborn daughter and picked her up with love, care, and affection.

As the father of two was cuddling his baby and basking in his family time, his two-year-old son burst into the hospital room and was stunned to see his dad whom he hadn’t seen since Vorrath was deployed. Complimenting his little boy on how big he’s gotten, he picks him up and smothers him with kisses. In the video, Vorrath said: ‘thank you to all who helped make this moment possible when it didn’t seem it could be.’



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