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Some Of The Scariest Places Not To Be Visited At Night Or Alone

#7 WikipediaWikipedia

People have always loved the thrill of getting scared. Whether that means watching a horror movie or visiting a haunted house just to get a kick out of it. Many are drawn to getting freaked out.

The feeling of getting seriously scared is what a lot of people seek. The release of adrenaline might feel a lot better for some people than it does for others, which explains why some of us enjoy it more.

Even if you enjoy the feeling of getting scared and going out to look for it, there are spots that you just shouldn’t even bother going to. Here are some places you should not visit at night or alone….or at all.

1. The Ottawa Jail Hostel was Ottawa’s jail. It closed back in 1972. A year later it opened as a hostel for budget travelers.

The jail was the site of three notorious executions, including Patrick J. Whelan whose ghost still haunts the building. We would probably stay clear of that place.

#2 HostelworldHostelworld

2. A lot of people feel uncomfortable being in hospitals, even during the day. But what about the old abandoned ones that have been around for many years?

#3 Daily MailDaily-Mail

One night a nurse was taking her usual route to work until she noticed a bright blue light shining from the inside of an abandoned hospital. Was it caused by vandals or something more sinister? Your guess is as good as mine.

#4 Simple GraceSimple-Grace

3. An island filled with dolls? Creepy. A man in Mexico hung up hundreds of dolls hoping to appease the ghost of a little girl who died there. Talk about creating a bigger problem instead of a solution.

#5 VocativVocativ

Just looking at the photos is enough to stop you from even going there during the day. Visitors say they still hear whispers at night and feel the doll’s eyes following them.

#6 VocativVocativ

4. Hashima Island is a deserted Island in Japan. Once a coal mine, the island’s most notable features are its abandoned concrete buildings

#7 WikipediaWikipedia

It has now become a ghost town, with zero human intervention. People have said they can hear murmuring and whispering sounds while they trek the place. I guess we can scratch Hashima island off the bucket list.

#8 FAST JAPANFast-Japan

5. Going into the forest, especially at night, can be a good time. But we wouldn’t recommend you do that in Japan’s Aokigahara Forest. The forest, located at the bottom of Mount Fuji, has been the subject of many documentaries.

#9 YoutubeYoutube

The Forest is known to be the country’s most active suicide point and is considered to be haunted, with several paranormal activities reported so far. There are signs inside that warn you of the many dangers ahead.

#10 From Horror to Daily LifeFrom-Horror-to-Daily-Life

6. Carco is a village sitting in Italy. The last human activities reported were in 1963 when the locals were transferred elsewhere.

#11 Simple and InterestingSimple-and-Interesting

Since that time, no one has ever returned to the village and it has become a ghost town. We wouldn’t go there alone at night as the small village is considered cursed.

7. Sedlec Ossuary is a small chapel in the Czech Republic. At first glance, it seems like a pretty nice church that’s located beneath the Cemetery Church of All Saints.

#13 Atlas ObscuraAtlas-Obscura

But look again. The decorations are actually the skeletons of around 70,000 people. Though it is the most visited tourist attraction in that region, we wouldn’t go there at night.

#14 Sedlec OssuarySedlec-Ossuary

8. Poveglia Island is located in Italy and it’s where you can find bones and skulls with waves crashing against the shores. Or your boat could get stuck into a pile of human bones.

#16 PlanetSavePlanetSave

Once a dumping ground for plague victims, we wouldn’t recommend you going up to this Island at night…especially alone. There have been a number of paranormal activities reported.

#15 SJC100-Islands-as-MetaphorsSJC100-Islands-as-Metaphors


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