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Woman Finds Dead Rodent ‘Sewn Into Her Zara Dress’ After Noticing Odor

When you’re getting ready to go out with the squad, you might want to purchase a new outfit. If you have no idea what you’re looking for, you can never go wrong with a little black dress. However, when this young woman went shopping she was traumatized after she realized she got more than she bargained for. A 24-year-old New Yorker is suing the clothing company Zara after she discovered a mouse sewn into the hem of her dress.  

 On July 5th, 2016, Cailey Fiesel went shopping and purchased herself two dresses “off-the-rack” from the clothing store. After she brought them home, she immediately placed them in her closet. Later, on August 16th, she decided to wear one of the dresses for the very first time. She took off the tags and wore the black dress to work.


“While at work, she started to notice a disturbingly pungent odor and was unable to identify the source. Despite getting up from her desk and walking around, she was unable to escape the odor,” read the lawsuit Feisel filed against Zara. “As the day went on, Ms. Feisel started to notice what felt like a loose string from her dress rubbing against her leg.”

“Without giving it much thought she reached down with her hand to try and locate the piece of string that was rubbing against her,” the lawsuit continued. “To her utter shock and disbelief, as she ran her hand over the hem of the dress she felt an unusual bulge and suddenly realized that it was not a string that was rubbing against her leg but was instead a leg rubbing against her leg. The leg of a dead rodent that is.”

The claim continued by saying that the New Yorker jumped out of her chair which caused the people around her to avert their eyes in her direction when she immediately removed the dress from her body. Upon closer inspection, the 24-year-old realized that a mouse was sewn into the hem of her dress. 

 Due to her experience, Fiesel has filed a lawsuit against the company after sustaining personal injuries and emotional distress. Since then, a large rash has formed on her leg that has been diagnosed as a rodent born disease.


“Zara USA is aware of the suit, and we are investigating the matter further. Zara USA has stringent health and safety standards, and we are committed to ensuring that all of our products meet these rigorous requirements,” a Zara spokesperson revealed to TMZ.

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