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Something Is Heating Up Inside Egypt’s Ancient Pyramids And Scientists Can’t Explain It


The pyramids in Egypt have always been a source of mystery and awe-inspiring magnificence. It’s one of the most popular Ancient Wonders of the World (in fact it is the only Ancient Wonder still standing.) Theories on how it was built abound: was it slaves? Or higher beings? Besides the architecture, what is just as interesting are the controversies surrounding the pyramids. Some believe that rather than slaves, laborers volunteered because it was an honor. Then there are academics, like Graham Hancock, who dispute the age of the pyramids as being much, much older.

Regardless of its construction, workers or its origin, the fact that we know little to nothing about the inner workings of the Great Pyramids is somewhat disappointing to say the least.

But all that is about to change due to technology that utilizes muon tomography to scan the inner workings of these burial structures.

In December of 2015 a group of researchers entered into a lower chamber of the Bent Pyramid in Dashour, Egypt.


The pyramid is located 40 kilometers south of Cairo and was built for the Pharaoh Snefru.

Screenshot 2017-03-23 at 11.38.13 AMScan The Pyramid Project

During this Scan Pyramids Mission, scientists placed 80 sensitive films that used muons to scan the rest of the pyramid. By analyzing the particles and how heat fluctuates through these films, scientists can produce an accurate image of the pyramid’s surrounding areas.

Screenshot 2017-03-23 at 11.22.59 AM

Muons are cosmic particles that can penetrate deeply into most materials (even a mountain!) and don’t require a ton of instruments since they use natural elements from the atmosphere.

Screenshot 2017-03-23 at 11.38.21 AMScan The Pyramid Project

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