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As a kid, there are two types of ‘colorers.’ Those who color within the lines and those who create their own drawings.

And in adult life, it’s pretty much the same. Those who conform to social norms, etiquette, and general common sense. And then there is the chaotic, reckless, and risk-taking group. These are the same people who have complete disregard for rules, regulations, and stipulations. Lines? I don’t color in them. Rules? They’re meant to be broken. And norms? I’m anything but normal. And it is a combination of these ‘normal’ individuals along with the ‘wacky’ ones that make our world go round. We need order and organization in our lives just like how we need crazy and chaotic sometimes.

We need the creativity and the dysfunctional side just as much as we want the law-abiding and sensible side. And it’s a game of delicate balance on a tiny, thin line. But what’s so interesting is that there are some people who just want to watch the world burn. They just want to watch destruction and devastation. They like knocking over sand castles and rearranging completed puzzles. Here are 25 of the funniest gaffes and goofs out there.

Were these trees already planted there and the building was built around them? Or did the architects and builders simply implant grown trees at the front of the building? Either way, it looks wildly out of place given its unique pattern and the lack of leaves.

1The Chive

I don’t know if this is considered ‘modern art’ or if the person responsible for hanging up the artwork just couldn’t handle a simple puzzle. I mean, the image on the bottom right corner is clearly upside down but what do I know about art?

2The Chive

Although the lines clearly indicate how one should park, clearly these guys and gals have no care in the world for these arbitrary rules. And who knows? Maybe there’s a group meeting of rebels somewhere nearby.

3The Chive

How does this even happen? And how does it manage to make its way onto shelves? There better be some serious markdown for this mess. And I’m pretty sure even a three-year-old could have done a better job at packaging than that.


Don’t they put the bricks down first and then paint the lines? How does this even work? Did some mischievous passerby simply move the bricks? I am quite intrigued about this one…


Pick one: either open your drawer or dismantle your oven. I don’t know if this is simply a design flaw or if this is a cruel prank on someone who desperately needed some rubber bands. I guess the homeowner is going to have to remove the handle to the oven.


This was a childhood pet peeve. Like, I just wanted to use my pencil to finish my test, is that too much to ask for? And for the same thing to happen to my second pencil too? Come on sharpener, not cool!


Apparently, you don’t need windows or a door in Russia. I have no idea what the previous thing was but clearly, the architects didn’t care too much for it because they put a window in front of it. Or maybe, they cared about it so much that they left it as a relic from the past.


Is this only for one heater or does the same thing happen to the other three? You would think that with new, modern technology gaffes such as these wouldn’t happen. But at least images like these garners tons of likes on social media.


The top half is facing backward while the bottom half is facing the other direction. So which way does this mannequin truly want to go? In its defense, it is lacking a set of eyeballs so it can’t quite see where it wants to go.


As young students, we were always told to use pencils because erasers could get rid of our spelling errors and mistakes. But sometimes, erasers don’t always work and are in fact counterproductive.


This homeowner ended up getting locked outside of their home because the UPS delivery guy put their parcel in such a position that the doorknob could not be turned. Either the UPS delivery guy was playing a prank with them or he was angry at this homeowner for not answering the door.


What’s the point of having the stencils on the wall when you’re not even going to TRY to use them? It’s like this person intentionally misplaced the pots and pans just to spurn the person who drew the outlines.


As mentioned earlier, some people just want to watch the world burn. In a world full of reds, someone just had to place a blue bead right in the center. Maybe this is a deeper synonym for the yin and yang that is life.


I mean, the best part of the pie is the combination between the sweet innards and the crumbly pie. Why anyone would want just a piece of the inside is beyond me. And furthermore, melted ice cream goes great with a warm crumb!


I guess whoever went to maintain these covers must have intentionally mixed them up to give this specific intersection a more artsy look. At least with this image, you can understand why this occurred.


This one is so confusing. So do I follow the instructions as indicated on the elevator buttons or do I go by what is conventional wisdom with an elevator? This could be a tricky situation since you definitely do not want to accidentally call the fire department.


How do you even do that? Did someone bite the middle of this Kit-Kat? But it’s such a big piece of chocolate! Did they use a fork and knife? But it looks like a bite mark! So many questions, and so many ruined chocolate bars.


Once again, should I follow the sign on the door or the sign on the top? This is no laughing matter since regardless of the gender, it is embarrassing and awkward to set foot into the wrong bathroom.


Either duck down and wash your head or be satisfied with having a sparkling clean body from the neck down only. Who knows? Maybe this guy is actually a giant and it isn’t the architect’s fault!


You can either open your door and pick up the pieces of your fragile shipment at the bottom of your steps or you can attempt to climb out a side window, and creep through your garden to rescue this package that someone so carelessly left at your front door.


Who needs a window when you have the world of imagination in your head? And why is he looking at the camera like that? It seems like he is eerily happy with the fact that he is not given a ‘window seat.’


Sometimes publishers need to think before publishing hundreds, if not thousands, of these books. They should have double checked the placement of the author’s last name in conjunction with the title of the book.

23Bored Panda

All this mother wanted to do was to get her kid a strawberry scented shampoo for their bath time. But little did she know that it would end up looking like a minion crying tears of blood. There goes that kid’s childhood…

24Bored Panda


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