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Son Explains The Difference Between Middle-Class Mom And Rich Dad


There are some things that can’t be measured, can’t be quantified. You can’t put it in a cup and weigh it out, or you can’t put it on a stat sheet and say, ‘Hey! You did THIS much.’ Things like passion, heart, love, kindness, these are all things that can’t be measured. But what you will know is the unconditional manifestations of such emotions.

From NBA future Hall-of-Famer Kobe Bryant, to Nikola Tesla to JFK, they all showed an unconditional passion and thrive for excellence in their respective arts. Although not necessarily measurable (maybe through their accolades such as inventions, MVP awards, or contributions to society) you can distinguish someone who really cares from someone who just goes through the motions.

Here’s a heartwarming story about a son who explains the difference between a middle class mom and a rich dad.

There’s a saying that goes something like this: the man with a 100 sheep who gives God 50 of his sheep is nothing compared to the man who has one sheep and gives God one sheep. It’s not so much the quantity or number that matters, but it’s the intent and meaning behind the gift.

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The man who gives you (doesn’t have to be God) everything he has is certainly better than a man who is only willing to give you half of what he’s got.

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In this story, an adult son who grew up with divorced parents; one low-to-middle income mother and an 8-figure income father, describes his childhood.  

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After the divorce, his mother got custody of him and he only visited his father every other weekend. With his mother, they were bound to a tight 26k a year budget. He describes himself as a ‘simple, white, video game playing nerd growing up.’

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At 6 years old, his mother could only afford one system and one game for him, so he chose the GameCube and Super Smash Bros Melee (can’t go wrong with that!)


But at his dad’s, in an attempt to win him over, he would get to ask for the latest and newest games and they would be there in 2 weeks.


When he was 17, he asked for a jet ski. Two weeks later, there was a $15,000 jet ski in his father’s backyard since he lived out on the water.


But when his mother made him a bank account that was linked to her name, he received email notifications every time a transaction went through.


At 16, he asked for a $600 computer which he promised he would do extra chores around the house for, while picking up a job (which he did end up doing.)

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The next day his mother got an email for a $1,500 receipt (his computer) and another email saying she was $1,350 in the hole. She literally gave him everything she had. He never told her that he received those emails. 

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Since his mother got Graves disease and had to stop working, he’s been making the 5-hour commute home every month to help his mother around the house and pay for her groceries.

Now that’s unconditional love reciprocated.

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