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After 3 Years Being Away From Home And Losing 45 Pounds, Son Decides To Prank Parents

He even goes as far as to stay in a hotel the night before to stage this epic prank. He has his brother set up the scheme by having the family meet for ‘lunch’ at a specific restaurant. In the video, you can see the brothers seated and the student just one table away.


As the parents enter into the frame, the mom immediately notices that the stranger nearby is eerily similar to her son overseas. (You can tell a family is tight-knit, when the father innately reaches for the food and his son’s drink prior to even acknowledging his two offspring.)

It isn’t long until the mother can’t stand the eerily resemblance anymore and begins staring at ‘the stranger.’ When he finally glances over, a metaphorical weight is lifted off the mother’s shoulders as she bangs her first on the table and sighs with relief. They embrace each other and the whole family can’t help but laugh. Watch the video below to see the father’s reaction!


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