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Classical Soundtrack For Eating Currwurst By The Berlin Orchestra

In this serene and mesmerizing music video, the Konzerthaus Berlin Orchestra does what they do best, and imitates life using the sounds of their instruments. Who would have guessed that when used in certain ways, typical orchestra instruments such as trumpets, clarinets, and drums can be used to make almost any sound effect imaginable.

In this composition, entitled Classic Soundtrack for Eating Currywurst the orchestra recreates the typical sounds you would hear when dining at a restaurant and it’s amazing.


Filmed on location at an establishment called ‘Curries’ the short music video starts with the preparation of making the sausage. One man taps on his flute which translates to sausages being flipped over with a thud. Cello and violin strings are used next to create the sound of cutting into food.

A combination of a rain shaker, and the tapping of a french horn mouthpiece create the sounds of shaking salt and pepper. Then a man makes a squirting noise for ketchup by blowing lightly into his trumpet. If you weren’t watching the orchestra and the clips of the kitchen side by side, it would be hard to convince that it’s actually instruments making all these sound effects.

One of the coolest segments is this clip is the way they created the sound of the sizzling oil. For a few moments they don’t reveal how the sound is created and it almost sounds like the real deal, until it reveals that a rain shaker is used.  

The orchestra has put these videos together in order to pay tribute to the to Berlin. There are thirteen in total and they seek to capture key sounds and moments within the city.

It’s quite interesting to see how the instruments and vocals of the Konzerthaus Berlin Orchestra can imitate real life in creative and sometimes humorous ways. Other videos in the series include animals at the zoo, and children playing at a park. They’re all extremely interesting and worth the watch! Check it out!


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