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This South African Girl Catches A Cobra Coming Out Of Nowhere

Everyone has something they’re deadly afraid of. Some fear the dark while others are scared of spiders. Some may be worried about heights while others may have a fear of dogs. Despite the many fears that there are out there, we all try our best to get over them. Embracing your fears (easier said than done) is a tactic that many experts suggest. By regularly and consistently confronting your fears head on, you can learn to adapt and grow a sort of resilience against this fear.


But some people just have an innate ability to just snatch their fears right up. What would you do if you were just minding your own business, sunbathing, when you spot a slithering snake coming directly towards you?

A woman from South Africa did what most of us would never dare to do; she snatched it by the neck. In this upcoming video from Roberston, Western Cape, South Africa, viewers can see a girl lounging about by a river as her brothers try to prank her.

The brothers, who are very adept at catching snakes, wanted to scare their younger sister. And for many people, snakes are a giant fear. It has been theorized that snakes and other reptiles were our predators in prehistoric times. This has further been proven since new research has shown that humans (especially children) have an inherent sense to detect animals such as spiders and snakes.


Psychologists noticed that children and adults have the ability to quickly and accurately detect snakes from a series of non-threatening animals such as frogs, caterpillars, and flowers.


Who needs scientific research when you have the speedy reflexes of a South African girl caught on tape! As her head was turned away, you can make out the shadow of a fishing line that is displayed on the grass along with the shadow of the actual reel itself. The brothers were apparently reeling in a fake snake in order to give the girl quite the scare!

Little did they know, their younger sister was a lot braver than they thought. She just turned around and snatched the snake right up! She daftly tossed it aside after picking it up and just discarded the unwanted impostor.



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