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Something Weird Is Happening Off The Shores Of South Africa With The Great White Sharks

The ocean is a pretty scary and mysterious place. If you consider the fact that humans know more about space than we do our own ocean, then it’s not all too surprising when we’re left confused by the behavior of marine animals.

Still, we do know quite a bit about animals like great whites, orcas, blue whales, and so on. So when great whites start showing up dead alongside coastlines, it can be pretty alarming. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what’s happening.

Greatwhite1 Marine Dynamics

Several deceased great white sharks have shown up with their lives precisely removed from their carcasses and two of them were also missing their hearts. According to the findings of marine conservationists, orcas are to blame for this, and they’ve struck again. A fourth great white has been found without its liver along the same stretch of coastline. 

In a Facebook post, a page called Marine Dynamics explained that the carcass of the male shark was found in a relatively fresh state of decomposition on June 24. The shark was missing its liver, stomach, and testicles.

The autopsy was carried out by the Dyer Island Conservation Trust team, led by white shark biologist, Alison Towner.  The carcass was 13.5 feet long, which is the third largest of the four victims. The culprits of the crime were actually seen actively patrolling the scene by the Marine Dynamics cage diving boats before they fled the area. There were no sharks in the area.

The specificity of organ harvesting for orcas is not too unusual. Typical orca behavior can often lead to them hunting other whales, killing their young and only eating their tongues, but it is unusual that they would target the apex predator in this way.

It is believed that some organs provide more energy than the rest of the flesh, so it’s been suggested that this type of feasting may be a form conservation. However, an orca would spend too much energy killing a great white shark in the first place.

This murderous pattern started in early May with the latest killing suggesting that this is likely to continue. Nonetheless, the orcas’ precise removal of these organs is a mystery that marine biologists are still trying to solve.

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