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Honest Trailer For Space Jam Will Challenge Everything You Know About The Classic

Okay Honest Trailers, it hurt when you destroyed The Princess Bride, Mortal Kombat and Rudolph but if you touch my Space Jam I’m going to freak out. The classic Looney Tunes-NBA mashup movie was a staple of my (and every kid born in the late 80s-early 90s) childhood.

In their latest release, the Screen Junkies take on the live action-animation classic and boy do they point out some things that will ruin it for you. As they reveal plot holes big enough for Michael Jordan to get pulled through (wait, if the golf course was in the real world, how did he fit through the hole) and list every shameless corporate plug you’ll feel your childhood being torn away.


Yes, okay the premise of a bunch of aliens coming to earth to battle Bugs Bunny and friends in order to save their intergalactic amusement park is a bit weird. And yes, they basically forget that was even the reason for the game a few minutes into the movie and never really feel the need to go back to it. But come on – Lola Bunny!

Just hold on when you call the victims of the Nerdlucks (wait, did anyone know the aliens were called Nerdlucks?) second-tier NBA stars; that group included Charles Barkley and Patrick Ewing, two hall-of-famers. Also, Shawn Bradley is 7’6” and Muggsy Bogues is 5’3” – they had to include those two!

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