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20 Hilarious Pieces Of Text Proving That Grammar Really Matters


Spelling really matters. It may seem like it’s not important in this day and age of shortened communication and overuse of emojis, but it’s definitely still relevant. The tiniest spelling mistake or grammatical error can send the completely wrong message to someone. From the most innocent Facebook status to a huge downtown billboard, spelling really matters.

On top of spelling, grammar really matters too. A misplaced comma or apostrophe can be catastrophic to any message. The context of what you’re trying to say becomes completely different. Sometimes it’s silly, other times it’s horrifying. This is why people always need to double check what they’ve written down.

And how long could it possibly take to proofread ad copy before it gets sent out? Doesn’t that copy go through more than one person? Are they all missing the mistake, or is someone just messing up right at the end? Either way, at least we can all get some amusement out of these 20 terrible spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

1. This is a perfect example of why spelling really matters. A spelling error immediately makes your product cheaper. Hey, at least the consumer gets a deal.

2. Obviously, this door has either seen something very scary, or the person who was in charge of making signs didn’t think much of this grammatical error.

3. Maybe the real message here should be “don’t drink and make road signs.” This seems like it could have been an easy fix, but no one could be bothered to take care of it.

4. To be fair, this is probably how a lot of people felt about Ugg boots when they were really popular. Still, that’s not for the store to say.

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