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This Is How Spongebob Would Look Like In Human Form And It’s Pretty Creepy


SpongeBob Squarepants is an extremely popular kid’s television show that first aired on May 1, 1999. It’s a comedy that features a conscious sponge that lives in a pineapple with his best friend and neighbor, Patrick Star (who lives under a rock.) The show has won countless awards including the Kids’ Choice Award For Favorite Cartoon, a Daytime Emmy Award, and a Teen Choice Award.

Recently, the work of a 3D artist has really made the once-funny characters terrifying.

Read more to see them.

Miguel Vasquez is a 3D artist who brings to life the animated characters of television. Well, not necessarily bring to life, but more so bring into the three-dimensional world.

In an interview, the artist revealed that he has always been ‘obsessed’ with creating a real-life rendering of cartoons. Now, he has finally gotten his chance.

The real life drawings of Spongebob and Patrick are pretty terrifying, to say the least. The up close shot of SpongeBob reveals an aged Sponge with multiple chins and a surprising lack of his signature gap tooth.

The human form of Patrick is somehow even more terrifying as he has extremely small, dark eyes and a physique reminiscent of a retired wrestler.

In the combined picture, the happy pair of ‘besties’ can be seen holding hands while SpongeBob poses with his spatula.

Twitter users responded with a loud ‘NOPE’ after seeing these images. Sarah B commented: ‘I don’t know what’s going on but I need a hug from my mom.’

Others stated that we already know what Patrick Star and SpongeBob would look like in real life. After all, SpongeBob is a sponge and Patrick Star is a starfish. 

When Miguel was asked about how he felt in regards to the general disgust and horror in people’s reaction, his response was simple: ‘that was the plan all along.’

Encyclopedia SpongeBobia - WikiaEncyclopedia SpongeBobia - Wikia


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