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15 Spooked People Share Horrifying Stories That Cannot Be Rationally Explained


There are universal laws that we are all bound by. Some of these include gravity, every force having an equal and opposite reaction, 1+1 = 2. These are things that we can’t escape, we are all bound by these laws of physics and mathematics regardless of age, gender, culture, race, etc. But when we see or experience things that are not grounded by these laws, then we become shocked and maybe even scared.

Humans, animals and any other living creatures are bound by these rules, thus when we encounter something that doesn’t adhere to these rules we believe them to be paranormal or out of this world.

In a recent Reddit thread, users shared their personal experiences with the paranormal. Here are 15 of the best spooky instances from that thread that seem quite paranormal.

1. A couple purchased a house built in the 1930’s and when they decided to renovate the basement, they placed some baseboards down there and painted them. They left them there overnight and when they came back the next morning, there was a deep gouge through both baseboards as if a knife had ripped through them.

It was almost 8 feet deep, going through the new paint, old paint, primer and all the way down to the wood. Only the couple were in the house that night…but apparently not.


2. In India during the summers, it gets intensely hot so residents sleep on the roofs of their houses in a cot. One night, a young man awoke to see five women all wearing white sarees (a symbol of female ghosts in Indian urban legends) and all with their hair untied dancing in circles on his neighbor’s rooftop.


3. Couples enjoy each other’s company and a display of affection (whether in public or private) is a part of the relationship. But one night as a couple was watching TV on the couch, the boyfriend replies ‘I love you too’ to his girlfriend even though the girl didn’t say anything.


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