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There are universal laws that we are all bound by. Some of these include gravity, every force having an equal and opposite reaction, 1+1 = 2. These are things that we can’t escape, we are all bound by these laws of physics and mathematics regardless of age, gender, culture, race, etc. But when we see or experience things that are not grounded by these laws, then we become shocked and maybe even scared.

Humans, animals and any other living creatures are bound by these rules, thus when we encounter something that doesn’t adhere to these rules we believe them to be paranormal or out of this world.

In a recent Reddit thread, users shared their personal experiences with the paranormal. Here are 15 of the best spooky instances from that thread that seem quite paranormal.

1. A couple purchased a house built in the 1930’s and when they decided to renovate the basement, they placed some baseboards down there and painted them. They left them there overnight and when they came back the next morning, there was a deep gouge through both baseboards as if a knife had ripped through them.

It was almost 8 feet deep, going through the new paint, old paint, primer and all the way down to the wood. Only the couple were in the house that night…but apparently not.


2. In India during the summers, it gets intensely hot so residents sleep on the roofs of their houses in a cot. One night, a young man awoke to see five women all wearing white sarees (a symbol of female ghosts in Indian urban legends) and all with their hair untied dancing in circles on his neighbor’s rooftop.


3. Couples enjoy each other’s company and a display of affection (whether in public or private) is a part of the relationship. But one night as a couple was watching TV on the couch, the boyfriend replies ‘I love you too’ to his girlfriend even though the girl didn’t say anything.


According to the girlfriend, she remembers hearing and feeling the sound and vibration of the words produced right in front of her face but she didn’t utter those words. The couple were the only people in the house and they were sure that they heard someone say ‘I love you.’


4. It is quite common to see homeless people on the streets or in parks. And unfortunately, sometimes these homeless people pass away due to the cold or have succumbed to a sickness.


When one gentleman saw a homeless man in a park, he didn’t really pay him any attention. But the next day he found out that that man had died. A few months later a letter from the local hospital was sent to his house for that homeless man but with his home address!

Youth ConnectYouth Connect

5. Kids, as well as adults, tend to experience nightmares, and we all deal with them in our own unique way. For one boy, he would stop and scream as loudly as possible to get out of the dream. But one night when he employed that tactic it didn’t seem to work. As he went back to sleep, the monster was still there staring back at him: ‘that’s not going to work this time.’

Rex DeusRex Deus

6. Some argue that the innocence of children is what allows them to experience paranormal activity more often than adults. But for two boys who were babysitting their neighbor, they became quite shocked at what they discovered. The little boy was under a bed with tears streaming down his face.

Dream DictionaryDream Dictionary

When asked what the matter was, the little boy said that he saw an eyelid open in the closet. Later that night when the parents returned home, they discovered that the closet door was opened and a few things were missing. The window was also open after previously being closed and several items were knocked over.

Penny Stock ExpertsHome Alone

7. Dreams seem to be a look into the past or the future. But when a young girl had a terrible nightmare about being pulled down by creatures she awoke in a state of fright. She received a phone call from her boyfriend almost immediately stating that he saw in his dream his girlfriend being dragged by those creatures.

Brainwave Power MusicBrainwave Power Music

8. Attics have long been a scary thing for children. And this story justifies that belief. A young boy who had a door to the attic in his room would always have to go close it. Thinking it was his mom, and constantly having to clean up after her, he approached her one day jokingly. She replied that she hadn’t been up in the attic for months.

After speaking to his brother and father, he found out that no one had been using that door. In an experiment, he decided to leave the door open to see what would happen. The door stayed open all day but that night as he was about to fall asleep he saw a face staring right back at him. He bolted downstairs and, defying the ridicule of his brother, forced him to switch bedrooms with him. The family soon moved out and the new owners, who became his physics teacher, moved in.


Years passed until finally the young man and his friend went around the town and visited his old house. The teacher’s wife answers the door and he gets a tour. He asks the wife if anything strange has gone on in that room.


Her face goes blank and says that the attic door is open every time she goes in to sew. Moreover, the second day they moved in the dog entered into that room and wouldn’t stop barking. Eventually the dog jumped through the window and didn’t come back until the next day. Since then the dog has not set paw into the hallway that leads upstairs.

Daily Mail2Daily Mail

9. Sometimes that gut feeling can end up saving your life. A young woman was waiting for the bus home after a day at work. Normally she would hop on the first bus in hopes of getting home as soon as possible.


But when the first bus arrived, she felt worried and scared so she decided to wait until the next bus came. An hour later, the bus that she was on drove by a huge accident. It was the previous bus’ driver, who had a heart attack and got his foot stuck on the gas pedal and rammed the bus into a house.

Bicycling Magazine ForumsBicycling Magazine Forums

10. Premonition and gut feelings can go a long way. In 1975, a young man was driving an Army helicopter in blackout conditions. All of the sudden, he felt like he should do an emergency climb (fly vertically upwards towards the sky), the next thing he knew, he saw the leaves of a cottonwood tree brushing up against the plane.

As the pilot and the co-pilot exchange incredulous stares, the co-pilot asks him ‘how did you see that tree?’ According to the pilot, 37 years later, accident-free and still driving planes, he still doesn’t know how he knew that a tree was in front of him that night.

Canadian Warplane Heritage MuseumCanadian Warplane Heritage Museum

11. A young man was putting clothes away in a two story farm house built in 1908 while he was listening to music. As he entered into the room-like closet, the music suddenly doubled in volume and changed to something that he says ‘wasn’t music.’ He said that it sounded like rapid nonsense or fast electronic babbling. When he looked at the music player it was dead.

The Huffington PostThe Huffington Post

12. A mother’s intuition can save a family’s life. One night a mother pulled the whole family outdoors at around 4 am when she had a dream that the family was going to die due to carbon monoxide poisoning.


When the father went to check the detectors, everything was in working order. The next day, a local family was rushed out of their home because they had a carbon monoxide leak in their house. A close up of the house revealed that was the family’s old home two streets down.

Life Beyond NumbersLife Beyond Numbers

13. A hunter was making the hour and a half trek into a forest one December morning when he became surrounded by a thick, dense fog. Soon he began hearing twigs snapping close to him. Now, normally for a hunter, that’s the sound of a successful hunt but on that day, a chill went down his spine. He loaded his rifle and tucked his back against a tree.

Renegade HealthRenegade Health

The hunter was sure he was surrounded as he heard twigs and branches snapping all around him. When the sun started to come out and the fog began to dissipate he saw that no one was around him and resumed his hunt. All day till 3 pm he encountered nothing, and deciding to trek back while the sun was still up. About 100 feet away from his truck, hanging at eye level, he encountered a stuffed bear hanging from a tree by a noose wearing an orange jacket.


14. Kids love family gatherings simply because they get to see all their relatives and cousins and get away with a  bunch of hooliganism. But during one family gathering, a key was dropped down the basement and a young boy was forced to fetch it. As he was about to descend the stairs, he saw a man at the bottom with a bunch of stuff in his arms that he didn’t recognize.


He yelled at the boy to ‘go back upstairs, kid! Go!’ at which point he sprinted up the stairs. When he informed the adults, they went down to the basement to check but couldn’t find anyone. 5 years later after his grandparents passed away, they returned to the basement to help clean it out. Apparently, the basement was missing a ton of stuff.

Youth Connect1Youth Connect

15. A man was working as a maintenance worker at historic properties. One winter day, he was preparing to get some electric work done on the exterior of the house. As he went to turn off the circuit board to the whole property and lock the doors, he began to climb the ladder to begin his work. All of the sudden, one of the lights inside the house turned on and he freaked out.


He radioed his colleague who said they hadn’t left and that all the keys were still in the office. He sprinted the half mile back to the office and made his coworker come with him to check out the property. Turns out the light was off again but the bulb was still warm. The doors were all still locked and the circuit was still off. He didn’t need it to be winter to send shivers up his spine.


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