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10 Spot The Difference Pictures To Test How Smart You Are

As kids, we always play games that would test our intelligence, some were challenging. The picture books that would test out how smart we are or how well we paid attention to detail were especially entertaining.

I mean, let’s be real here, people still enjoy Spot the Difference games. They never get old for us. They really test out their intelligence and observational powers, some may even drive us crazy because they’re so challenging.  

If you don’t have one of these books handy, don’t worry. Here are ten pictures for those of us who love a bit of a visual challenge. The quicker you can solve it, the better your attention span is. Some are easier than others. Enjoy!

1. Take a look at this photo. At first, you probably didn’t notice anything difficult about it. Probably didn’t realize it’s an optical illusion.

If you look a little closer, it actually looks like there are 4 pieces of planks on one side, but also 3 pieces on the other. Confusing.

2. If you look at this elephant really quickly, you might think that someone just gave it multiple legs. But really analyzing it, you notice something is up.

Looking at it real closely, it looks like the only real foot that belongs to the elephant is the back leg. Actually still figuring this picture out.

3. Okay, only Beatles fans might be able to spot the five differences between these two photos. If you aren’t a fan, spotting even one difference might take you some time.

4. Take a look at these two photos. Can you spot the difference? Make sure to look at every corner and peel your eyes to the bottom of the page. Notice it now?

Okay, here’s the answer: the difference is the green mechanism. There are seven bolts in the left photo and only six in the right. Tricky.

5. Spotting the difference between these two Mona Lisa paintings isn’t easy. If you look at the second photo, it has a lighter patch compared to the one on the left.

6. There’s a lot going on in this photo. You’ll probably start counting the stars or looking at the alien. But the difference is actually the size of the hole in front of the spaceship.

7. You’re probably looking at the Big Ben…but giving this photo a closer look you’ll notice there’s a plane in the sky on the right. Also, the clocks are showing different times.

8. Comparing all the photos that you’ve seen thus far, this photo is probably the easiest to spot the difference. Or maybe it’s so easy, you can’t spot it!

Regardless, there’s only one difference between these two photos. Ready? It’s the tree branch! It’s missing in the right photo.

9. This is a famous painting by Salvador Dali from 1929. You’re probably looking for differences in the background, or the curtains or even the water.

But if you focus on the bottom right of the photo, you’ll notice that the photo on the right actually has a mouse hole in the corner. The one of the left doesn’t.

10. The happiest place on earth. You’re probably looking around the Disney characters, trying to spot a difference on the ground or on the castles. But look closer.

#16 Fox17onlineFox17online

If you really focus on Mickey Mouse, you’ll notice a difference between the two photos. See it? Take note of the photo editing in the left photo…specifically on the left ear of Mickey Mouse!


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