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93% Of People Can’t Spot The Difference


“Spot the difference” is a classic observation game that puts your attentiveness to test. Two versions of the same picture are placed side by side and you have to decipher the minor differences between them. The subtle changes could be anything, including:

  • Swapped colors,
  • Things added,
  • Things removed,
  • Slight alterations.

Below are a series of “spot the difference” challenges. Put your skills to the test by trying to figure out what has been changed from the picture on the right to the picture on the left. The picture directly underneath will show you what the differences are!

Here are 8 “spot the difference” tests. Are you up for the challenge?

1. It may look like the same picture of Spongebob jugglin’ away, but take a second glance! There’s 5 differences here, do you have the eyes of a hawk or the eyes of a bat?

Reveal: SpongeBob’s hat changed from an anchor to a snowflake, the pore to the left of his eye is missing, his tie went from red to yellow, the ketchup now has a green nozzle, and the plate now has something on it.


2. Can you spot the changes made in these two pictures of Stewie?


Reveal: Mr. Potato Head added, button color change, Stewie’s eye direction changed, the left toy block changed from an ‘N’ to an ‘F,’ and he’s missing one strand of hair.  


3. Ever since “Success Kid” became one of the most famous Internet memes around, his photo has been manipulated in every way possible. Can you tell what was changed in the photo on the right?


Reveal: Left ear more visible, eye color changed to red, chin crease removed, shirt color changed to blue, and logo added to t-shirt.


4. Can you catch the five things that have been changed in this image of Pikachu about to go to town on a bottle of ketchup?


Reveal: Logo added to sneaker, shadow on left leg removed, more laces on right shoe, Heinz ketchup sticker added to bottle, and Pikachu’s back stripes removed.


5. How well do you know the living room of everyone’s favorite animated family? Find five things that have been changed from the left picture to the right.


Reveal: Left couch button removed, Homer’s facial expression changed, hanging picture removed, boom mic gone, and two cans of Duff added to the couch.


6. Can you spot the five differences in this group picture of the Justice League?


Reveal: Martian Manhunter and the green lantern switched positions, Batman’s belt has an extra squiggle, the bottom half of Hawkgirl’s suit is no longer red, Superman is lacking his famous curl and his cape is flowing differently.


7. What five things have been changed in this picture of Danny Phantom teaming up with Samantha and Tucker to face off against some unruly ghosts?


Reveal: Tucker’s backpack’s pocket is missing a line and his wrist gadget is missing, Danny’s signature “D” is missing from his getup, Samantha’s eyes have changed and her gun has smoke added to the cannon.


8. Can you spot the five differences in this Super Mario Galaxy box art?


Reveal: The “O” in “Mario” has been changed from green to blue, a planet right of the title is missing, Mario has transformed into Luigi, Yoshi has been added at the bottom, and one of the tiny plants is missing.



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