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93% Of People Can’t Spot The Difference


“Spot the difference” is a classic observation game that puts your attentiveness to test. Two versions of the same picture are placed side by side and you have to decipher the minor differences between them. The subtle changes could be anything, including:

  • Swapped colors,
  • Things added,
  • Things removed,
  • Slight alterations.

Below are a series of “spot the difference” challenges. Put your skills to the test by trying to figure out what has been changed from the picture on the right to the picture on the left. The picture directly underneath will show you what the differences are!

Here are 8 “spot the difference” tests. Are you up for the challenge?

1. It may look like the same picture of Spongebob jugglin’ away, but take a second glance! There’s 5 differences here, do you have the eyes of a hawk or the eyes of a bat?

Reveal: SpongeBob’s hat changed from an anchor to a snowflake, the pore to the left of his eye is missing, his tie went from red to yellow, the ketchup now has a green nozzle, and the plate now has something on it.


2. Can you spot the changes made in these two pictures of Stewie?


Reveal: Mr. Potato Head added, button color change, Stewie’s eye direction changed, the left toy block changed from an ‘N’ to an ‘F,’ and he’s missing one strand of hair.  


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