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The Star of ‘My ‘600 Lb. Life’ Loses 400 lbs. And Her Transformation Is Incredible

When Amber Rachi first made an appearance on TLC’s My 600-lb Life, she weighed over 600 pounds and needed help performing basic tasks. Today, she’s a weight-loss inspiration story for people everywhere as she shares her journey of how she lost 400 pounds.

Rachi was on My 600-lb Life in 2015 where it was revealed that she weighed approximately 660 pounds at 23 years old. From the age of five, she was already over 100 pounds and gained weight well into her teen years.

She continued to overeat and when she was 16 years old, Rachi needed to be in a wheelchair.

In 2015, Rachi feared that her weight would cause premature death and she decided that she wanted to begin her weight loss journey, thereby joining the show and losing enough weight to become eligible for bypass surgery.

Viewers tuned in and watched her drop her initial 20 pounds, which allowed her to get the surgery. 

Her surgery was a success but Rachi needed to now go through significant lifestyle changes in order to maintain her new weight. This included exercising and eating right.

Rachi stuck with her regime and today, two years later, she shares her journey and progress on social media.

To date, Rachi has lost over 400 pounds. She often takes to Twitter to post photos of her workout regime and announces when she catches reruns of her episode on TV.

Rachi has become a source of inspiration not only due to her weight loss but also due to her independence in making such a drastic change to her life.

While on the show, Rachi admitted that she had an eating disorder that encouraged her to continuously eat and rather than have her family and boyfriend support her, they often enabled her.

Rach has since broken up with her boyfriend and shares her life with thousands of people on her social media platforms.


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