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Redlands Family Sues Starbucks After 2-Year-Old Girl Drinks Beverage Allegedly Containing Barista’s Blood

It was only when they got back home that the family noticed a red smear on the cup along with an ‘odd metallic smell.’ During an interview with The Sun, Amanda Vice said: ‘I felt sick to my stomach. I didn’t know how much was in there. I was pretty grossed out and shocked that my little girl had drank it.’

San Bernardino Sun

When the family called the coffeehouse and reported the incident that’s when they were notified that an employee had been bleeding previously and was removed. The lawsuit stated that the store manager offered free drinks for the week but Rhonda Agles said that the family ‘declined the insensitive offer.’ 

In the interview, Amanda Vice said: ‘we want to see that they take the initiative to try to put better policies in place, that they are acknowledging what happened and it’s a problem, and it’s not OK.’

San Bernardino Sun

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