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Photo Of Starbucks’ New Holiday Season Cups Leaks Online

It’s that time of year you guys! That’s right, it’s time for stores, companies, and families to start preparing for Christmas! Well, more specifically, it’s time for Starbucks Coffee to come out with their Holiday Cups.

If you aren’t a Starbucks fan or don’t really care for it, you probably still know that Starbucks manages to stir some form of controversy with their Holiday Cups almost every year, no matter how “festive” they may be. The designs look different every year.

Some of the past designs include just plain red, wintery nature scenes and open references to Christmas. This year, however, the design of the cup was leaked by a Starbucks employee way before the design’s big unveiling. The photo was posted on Reddit.

The user is named DarthSpoopy. Based on their caption people have a feeling they work for the coffee chain. They wrote, “Just got it in our order. Holiday short cup design!??”

According to, instead of going all red or showcasing several different custom designs like they did last year, it appears Starbucks could be offering a single hand-draw motif…at least for the tall-sized cups.

As you can tell by the photo, the design has black, white and green coloring with a Christmas tree, doves, a stack of presents, snowflakes, two people holding hands and a red ribbon running around the entire cup.

But as with the usual, the reactions from people were pretty mixed. Many had a particular problem with the design being leaked online.

Remember in 2015 the plain red cup design led to a boycott from evangelical Christians who believed the company “hated Jesus.”

So perhaps this year they’ve actually taken steps to avoid this situation by putting a festive Christmas tree and gifts on the cup.

Some people decided to lighten up the drama around the design of the cups. One person tweeted out “OMG it doesn’t say Merry Christmas, just wait for the Trump backlash”.

But Twitter user Jason Meredith decided to start off early with the controversy and tweeted “Who else is offended by the new Starbucks holiday cups?” We’ll see how well this design does!


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