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Stephen King Comments On His Controversial Statement About ‘IT’ In 2013


Based on Stephen King’s 1986 book called ‘IT’, the newly released movie is about seven youngsters who have fled home and are battling it out against a shape shifting evil that rises from the sewers every 27 years to terrorize the town’s children. The shape shifting monster, who also doubles as a murderous clown, called Pennywise has become the horror of this summer (and fall.)

But it is one scene that was rightfully cut out that led many fans to appreciate this movie even more.

The movie smashed box records by opening at 123 million dollars and has received glowing reviews from multiple critics.

According to the book, there is an instance when the members of The Losers’ Club all engage in group sex in the sewer in order to escape the tunnel.


This scene was cut from both movie adaptations and Stephen King addressed this subject on his website in 2013.


‘I wasn’t really thinking of the sexual aspect of it. The book dealt with childhood and adulthood –1958 and Grown Ups. The grown ups don’t remember their childhood. None of us remember what we did as children–we think we do, but we don’t remember it as it really happened.’


He continued: ‘intuitively, the Losers knew they had to be together again. The sexual act connected childhood and adulthood. It’s another version of the glass tunnel that connects the children’s library and the adult library. Times have changed since I wrote that scene and there is now more sensitivity to those issues.’


And many viewers and fans seemed to agree with the idea to edit out such a raunchy scene with children.


Decider went on Twitter to post: ‘we’re thankful that the controversial child orgy scene did not make it into the IT movie.’


In a more recent interview with Stephen King in regards to his remarks about that particular scene back in 2013, he said: ‘that sounds like my statement.’


‘To it I’d just add that it’s fascinating to me that there has been so much comment about that single sex scene and so little about the multiple child murders. That must mean something, but I’m not sure what.’

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