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Watch Kristen Wiig And Steve Carell’s Hilarious Speech At The Golden Globes

Kristen Wiig and Steve Carell audiences all over the world were in stitches after their hilarious skit at the 2017 Golden Globe Awards. The video starts off with Carell and Wiig walking onto stage, waving at the celebrities all around them. “Good evening peers and regular people,” Carell begins.

 The crowd, already snickering from the duo’s intro on stage, laughs again. The two  are there to present the award for best animated film, and in true comedic fashion they don’t fail to impress.


The two reflect on the first time they ever saw an animated movie. Carell starts by saying the first animated film he ever saw was Fantasia, and that it was quite a life changing experience. He continues to reflect, telling Wiig that what he remembers clearly from that day is his mother standing in the lobby after the movie, telling his father that she wants a divorce, explaining, “I never saw my father again after that day.” The crowd reacts in hysterics as he tells them that that day is a day he now calls “Fantasia Day”.

With the audience still in tears, Carell asks Wiig what the first animated movie she saw was, and her response is even more hilarious.

“Bambi. March 14, 1981,” Wiig responds, “it was the same day we had to put our dogs down. Three of them. My Grandpa thought it would be fun to go to the movies and take our minds off of it.”  

The two are visibly trying to stifle laughs as Wiig continues, “And also that was the last day I saw my grandpa. He disappeared. And I didn’t speak for two years.”

The crowd, full of Hollywood’s best, cannot stop laughing at the duo, who both starred together in the Despicable Me movies. The skit was definitely a hit for the audience at the show as well as around the world.


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