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Stock Tank Pools Are The Latest In Backyard Design And You’re Going To Want One


With the blistering heat of the summer, installing a backyard pool is an idea that crosses everyone’s mind. However, the five digit price tag sends most of us to the not-so-glamorous public pools to cool off.

Most cheap alternatives like inflatable pools may offer a temporary solution, but they rarely see the end of the summer. Luckily, there’s a new trend taking over social media that is prompting many to pop up their own “hillbilly hot tubs” this summer.

Avoiding the cost and time of installing an in-ground pool, many people are turning to stock tanks and transforming them into their own personal oasis.

Stock tanks are intended to be used to provide water for livestock, but considering they can hold up to 700 gallons of water and cost less than $400, it’s no surprise people found another use for them.

“More and more, we see our customers turning to this innovative solution as a way to enjoy many of the benefits of a pool without the high cost,” Tractor Supply Company stated on their website.

However, affordability isn’t the only benefit to stock tank pools, they are also vastly easier to set up. All you need to do is smooth out an area of your backyard, install the stock tank, and add a pump.

Maintenance for this makeshift pool is just like any other, and these stock tanks can be set up to make sure filling and cleaning is easily done.

One stock pool owner, Annie McCreary, wrote on Instagram, “We use an above ground pool pump/filter. We do add chlorine as needed, just like a regular pool/spa. I test it daily with the pool strips, I shock it once a week — so easy!”

While these DIY pools may be referred to as “hillbilly hot tubs,” people all over Instagram are showing that with the right design skills these stock tanks can be stylish too!

The hashtag #stocktankpool is accumulating more and more photos on Instagram, showing the unique ways people have transformed these cow troughs into a personal oasis.  

From stand-alone stock tanks to ones that are underground or deck-adorned, these pools can complement the style of any home.

Another Instagram user wrote, “I didn’t have to alter it in any way to make a pool. The drain is already built into it. Instead of drilling holes, I draped the pump hoses over the side. It works perfectly.”

Stock tanks come in a variety of different sizes and are available in both circular and oval shapes, making it easy to incorporate it into any backyard.

Tractor Supply Company suggests that people creating an above-ground pool should empty the tank and store it in a garage or barn during the winter to avoid weather damage.

However, one Instagram user, justamom5 claims that she’s had her stock tank for 25 years, writing, “It was my husband’s when he was a small boy. They are built for all conditions. We even leave the water in it in the winter time. And still no rust!”

People who experience the harsher winter months may not be as inclined to invest in a stock tank pool, but some Instagrammers are heating theirs up to make a hot tub for when the cold hits.

With the prices of installing an actual pool potentially costing upwards of $30,000, a stock tank can be converted into a pool for a fraction of the price and effort.

Those who grew up in the country, especially on farms, may be no strangers to taking a dip in a stock tank. However, now these tanks are going to have a whole new customer base.

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Tractor Supply Company writes, “A sturdy, attractive, affordable swimming pool that’s not only a great way to cool off the whole family, it’s a great backyard conversation starter as well!”


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