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Stop Using These 12 Medications Because They Cause Memory Loss


Many times when a problem arises either with our own health, body and mental or cognitive functions (knock on wood) we go to see a physician. Whatever the problem may be, most times people are prescribed a medication. Some synthetic, man-made pill that is developed to cover or eradicate certain symptoms but bound to contain some adverse side effects. Now there are many theories for why this is the case, such as big pharmaceuticals wanting to keep pumping out pills and products to turn a profit or because recommending an all natural, whole food based diet is not profitable for physicians and the pharmaceutical industry.   

But sometimes the most ‘harmless’ pill can contain some strange side effects. Some of these include hair loss, loss of appetite or insomnia.

Here are 12 medications that can have a deleterious effect on your memory. Please note that this is based on a handful of experiences reported by people who have used these medications. For any health concern you may have about your own medications, you should always contact your physician and ask him about it. Don’t take the advice on this list to heart; it might put your health at risk! Please proceed with caution and only trust a medical professional when it comes to your medications (present or future).

1. Sleeping pills do not generally improve the quality of one’s sleep since it induces a state similar to that of being drunk or in a coma. Some people have reported that it almost always results in memory loss. People have felt so drowsy prior to falling asleep that they have very little recollection of those previous events.

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According to Marc Leavey, who is a doctor of internal medicine at MD Mercy Hospital in Baltimore he says that regular use of sleeping pills can build up a tolerance so that an individual requires a high dose of sleeping pills in order to fall asleep. He said: ‘if you have a short-term sleep disorder — a need to re-establish normal sleep patterns — that’s a clear reason to use these medications. You can have problems when you use them longer than 7 to 10 days.’ He went on to say that a high enough dose of sleeping pills can lead to depressed breathing which can ultimately lead to death. 

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2. Statins are drugs that regulate cholesterol levels. They play a huge and, in some cases, damaging role in the function of the brain. These results occur because a quarter the brain is composed of cholesterol which plays a key role in thinking, learning, and memory. By reducing or playing with these cholesterol levels, it can create an adverse effect on those three aspects; thinking, learning and memory.

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According to Mayo Clinic, statins can cause muscle pain and in some cases even muscle damage. Furthermore, statins have been shown to occasionally increase the level of enzymes in the liver which then causes inflammation. 

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