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8 Easy Ways To Free Up Space On Your iPhone Without Deleting Photos


Nothing ruins the perfect photo op like a pop up telling you that your phone has run out of storage, which prompts most people to scramble and frantically delete:

  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Apps

However, you don’t have to sacrifice those old memories just to make room for new ones. There are a variety of ways to get the most out of the storage on your phone that most users don’t realize.

Here are 8 simple ways to help free up storage space on your iPhone without having to wipe out any camera roll gems.

1. Delete Old Texts. Having an unlimited messaging archive definitely has benefits, but are you realistically ever going to scroll all the way back a couple of years ago? Change your messaging settings to only keep messages for 30 days and you’ll have much more space in the future.

2. Turn Off iCloud Photo Sharing. Unless syncing photos between devices is something you do frequently, it’s mostly adding photos to your phone twice and taking up unnecessary space.

iphone photo streamKevin Revie

3. Turn Off HDR mode. HDR can be an incredibly beneficial feature when taking pictures, but it also saves two versions of the same picture to your phone. Turning on HDR when you need it will save you from countless duplicates eating up that precious storage space.

4. Clear Browser Cache. In settings, choose the browser you use and tap “Clear History and Website Data”. This may require you to re-type out links, but will free up space when in a scram.

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