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Scary Stories Behind The Most Unsettling Events In History


As sad and one of the more darker sides of human history centres around criminals or disturbed people and their unfortunate acts.

However, some parts of history are not only cruel, they can also be quite creepy, even downright terrifying. There’s no mistake that humans can be capable of some gruesome acts, but some people are so disturbed, their acts have a way of getting into people’s minds.

Acts of cruelty and violence have been always been recorded over the years, and naturally the ones so unnerving, they are the ones that tend to jump out at us. Reddit users were asked in a recent thread to share their thoughts on the most creepy, true story stories and events in human history. Here is a list of some of the creepiest and scariest events documented in the last few decades.

1. The Chichijima Incident: In September 1944 during WWII, an American airplane crashed near the Japanese island of Chichijima, with nine servicemen on board. Only one man was rescued by an American submarine, the other 8 were taken by the Japanese. Without going into the details, through some time and events the Japanese ended up EATING those servicemen. But that’s not the weird part. The one serviceman who was rescued, was George H. W. Bush. (Reddit user: Wheelio)

2. Child of Rage: There’s an HBO documentary called Child of Rage about a six year old with reactive attachment disorder, who repeatedly tortured animals, molested her brother and attempted to kill her adoptive parents by entering their bedroom at night with a knife. The documentary shows her calmly telling her therapist about the incidents. Very creepy and sad. (Reddit user: j_stack)

3. Danny LaPlante: When a pregnant woman and her children are found murdered, the suspect was a creepy high school student who lived in the neighbourhood. But this wasn’t his first offence. When he was 15 he had been stalking a family, and tied them up. They managed to escape but when they called the police, Danny was missing. Two weeks later when the family returned, they found Danny had been living in their house, pleasured himself on most of their belongings, but he was still missing. Police did a third extensive search and found he had been living in a hole in the wall behind the washing machine. (Reddit user: [EXPLETIVE]ofthemountain)

4. The Amy Bradley Disappearance: On vacation with her family, Amy disappeared from a cruise ship on it’s way to Curacao in 1998. Years later, photos of her that very much resembled her, were sent to her parents. The photos looked like she had been sold into adult slavery. Multiple people have claimed to have seen her through the years, including sketches of people she was seen with, but she has never been found. (Reddit user: deleted)


5. Dr. Marcel Petiot: There was a french doctor during WWII that would promise Jewish refugees to help them leave Europe. When the arrived at his home on the day of departure, they brought their precious belongings and he’d give them a special “vaccine” since they were going to South America. The vaccine would kill them, and he took their stuff and made some pay a high fee for his help in the first place. He dissolved their corpses in the basement using acid. (Reddit user: do_a_flip)

6. The Jonestown Recording: There’s a recording of Jim Jones’s speech on the night at Jonestown where hundreds of people committed mass suicide by drinking juice laced with cyanide. You can hear them dying in the background and his delirium is chilling. The entire Jonestown incident is horrifying. (Reddit user: AutumnMusick)

7. The B.C. Pig Farmer AKA Robert Pickton: There were a few pig farmers from British Columbia in Canada. One of them, Robert Pickton, would hire and bring hookers to his farm, then kill them. After he was done with them he’d feed them to the pigs. The number of dead women was up to 27. Who knows how many others he got away with. (Reddit user: ItsMathematics)

8. Hidden House Guest: A 58 year old man lived alone in Japan and heard a bunch of noises at night, and started noticing things in his house out of place or missing. He installed video cameras and it turns out a homeless woman had been living in his attic and cupboards for up to a YEAR, undetected. The man contacted police and after a huge search of his property, found the woman hiding in a built-in cupboard designed to store bedding and mattresses. (Reddit user: deleted)

9. The Original Night Stalker: A serial rapist performed a series of home-invasion rapes in Sacramento in the mid 70s. He would frequently break into homes in the day and set up for his crimes like guns, leave pieces of rope to use during the attack, and remove screens from windows. He would call victims before and after their attacks and leave messages. In 1979 he vanished. One man who declared he would stand up to the attacker on the media. The couple ended up being targeted next. (Reddit user: rll87)

10. Willowbrook: There was an institute for the mentally disabled on Staten Island known as Willowbrook. Most of the patients were left unattended. It was a nightmare. The place was shut down but that was only the beginning. Years later a man named Andre Rand who attended the facility, kidnapped two girls and was given the name “Cropsey” after a myth of the forest dwelling axe-murderer. The body of one girl was found, but the whereabouts of the other was never found. (Reddit user: Prodsynth)


11. The Bath, Michigan Disaster: In the early twenties, a man named Andrew Kehoe was elected as a treasurer of a school board in Bath, Michigan. People found him difficult to work with. His wife became sick with tuberculosis, and the cost of her treatment put a strain on their finances. He ran for a position for town clerk which he had been filling, but was rejected the job. He took things from the town personally, and he vowed to get payback. He got a job as a school janitor, and placed explosives in the basement of the school. It blew, killing and injuring several children and people. Eventually they found his wife beaten to death in their home, and when Kehoe arrived to the school, he had rigged his truck with explosives and blew it, killing several more people. (Reddit user: resurrection_man)

12. Centralia, Pennsylvania. A coal mining town in the 60s, a fire caught an exposed coal vein and burned up, and apparently still burns to this day. In the 80s the government paid people to leave, but not everyone did. There’s still about 10 people who live there, and there’s enough coal underground to keep the fire burning for a long time. I’ve been there before in person and it’s really creepy. Lots of empty streets and abandoned buildings. (Reddit user: patty_d_27)

13. Putting Yourself In Someone Else’s Shoes: There was this really old lady who was about 101 who worked at a stone hovel in South America. She wore a hood over her head and talked in a shrill rasping voice. By day she worked in a meat stall and by night she’d hobble back to her house in a full length gown. After an earthquake, people went to check on her, but found instead, a 14 year old girl, whose grandmother had died years ago. But she apparently cured and gutted her grandmother’s body, took the skin, and was wearing it so she could work every day and maintain her status in the community. She vanished shortly after. (Reddit user: deleted)

14. Karin Catherine Waldegrave: A well-educated woman who moved to Canada made a bunch of lengthy Facebook wall posts addressed to nobody, replied to only the top comments and reached up to +4000 posts weekly. The posts went into as much detail to suggest it being the result of a cover secret service brainwashing scandal or a sudden snap into schizophrenia. As suddenly as they started, she disappeared as she’s been missing ever since. (Reddit user: PenguinDoomsday)

15. Gilbert Newton-Lewis: The scientist who made the Lewis-Dot structure we all learn from in chemistry, was nominated for a Nobel Prize up to 35 times but never won it. He had lunch with one of his rivals who built off of his work, who won a Nobel Prize over him,Newton-Lewis went into his lab and killed himself. The sad part is that he used all the chemicals he was experimenting with to do it. (Reddit user: PeterPorky)

16. The Killing of Tim McLean: A man fell asleep on a Greyhound bus in 2008, going on a cross country trip through Canada, when a man next to him decapitated him, then began eating his flesh. You can’t make me [EXPLETIVE] go on a Greyhound bus now. The man who did the deed was found not guilty, and sentenced to a mental facility. He is now apparently released back into the public. (Reddit user: laryrose)

17. The Amritsar Massacre: In the Indian city of Amritsar, around 1919, 15,000 to 20,000 people assembled at a public garden. A Brigadier-General named Reginald E.H. Dyer went with 50 riflemen, blocked all the exits and ordered them to shoot at the crowd because he thought they were planning British opposition. Around 1000 people were killed and more were injured. (Reddit user: tritter211)

18. UVB-76: It’s a mysterious shortwave radio station located in Russian that plays buzzing and beeping which is occasionally interrupted by someone reading strange numbers and letters since 1982. On rare occasions you can hear noise in the background which leads many to believe it’s not a recording but real people reading the numbers. The purpose of the station is unknown. (Reddit user: 2muffins)

19. Callers from 9/11: Kevin Cosgrove was on the phone with 911 operators during the terrorist attacks on 9/11. He was on the phone, and his call was being recorded as the tower came down. It’s not for the faint of heart. It’s easily one of the only things on the internet that has really chilled me to the core. It’s sad and hard to hear. (Reddit user: deleted)

20. Tragedy in Savannah, Georgia: I’m a tour guide here in Savannah. The city has suffered three major fires, in  1796, 1820, and 1889. Following each of the fires, stagnant water collected in the fountains breeding mosquitos and spreading yellow fever. Many believed the city was cursed. Bodies were burned, graveyards were built over, and many of the victims were buried as they believed the illness was airborne. To this day coffins are dug up, and scratch marks are found on the inside of the lids, and bodies are found with broken fingers. Some of victims had been buried alive. (Reddit user: astrodog88)


21. H.H. Holmes: The story of H.H. Holmes, America’s first serial killer is scary. The guy built a [EXPLETIVE]  murder castle, and killed as many as 200 people from American and some from Canada as well. “The Devil in the White City’ is a really good book that talks about his exploits while celebrating the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair. (Reddit user: altf4life)

22. The Case of Josef Fritzl: This case is a result of a man who imprisoned and tortured his own daughter for nearly 24 years, in a makeshift dungeon in his own house. Apparently he fathered several illegitimate with her, and it is one of the darkest cases I think I’ve ever heard of. (Reddit user: AME540)

23. The Goiânia Accident: It was a radioactive contamination accident that occurred in 1987 at Goiânia in Brazil. An old radiotherapy source was stolen from an abandoned hospital and handled by many people, resulting in four deaths. Over 100,000 people had to be examined for contamination and about 200 of them had been severely exposed. Cleanup included demolishing houses, removing topsoil from infected areas, and called one of the worst nuclear disasters in history. (Reddit user: deleted)

24. Luke Magnotta: He was a Canadian actor and adult film star, who was known for posting YouTube videos of himself torturing small kittens. Then last year he posted a video called ‘1 lunatic, 1 icepick’ which showed him GRAPHICALLY dismembering an asian man. He cut off his limbs, his head, and then performed indecent acts and ate parts of the body. Then he mailed the body parts to political offices in Ottawa, to Montreal, and a Vancouver school. They finally caught him in a cafe googling himself. (Reddit user: marie2234)


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