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InTouch Magazine Says Adult Actress Described Sex With Trump in Shelved 2011 Interview

In an alleged interview with InTouch Magazine dating back to 2011, adult actress Stormy Daniels detailed something we don’t want to think much about: what it’s like to “do the do” with The Donald.

On January 12th, a Wall Street Journal article alleged that Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Dean Cohen (above left), arranged a $130,000 payment to Daniels before the 2016 election to stop her from discussing an affair he had with her. The Journal’s report further alleges that Daniels had been considering discussing her story with ABC News. In a later statement to the Journal, Cohen did not address the claim that he had paid off Daniels, but offered denials of the affair from both Daniels and Trump.

Less than two weeks later, InTouch Magazine published an alleged 2011 interview with Daniels about what she claimed was an “ongoing” affair with Trump in 2006. Not only did Daniels pass a polygraph test during her interview, her ex-husband and her friend who confirmed the details also passed a polygraph test. And what she presented to the reader was a tale just crazy enough to be true.

According to Daniels, they met at a charity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe. She thought he was “pretty fascinating,” so she accepted his offer to hang out with him in his hotel room. After a lengthy discussion about both of their industries (where he apparently wouldn’t stop showing off a “money magazine” with a picture of his face on it), Trump initiated sex. Daniels says that, while they were having sex, her main thought was “Please don’t try to pay me.”

Daniels described the sex as “textbook generic,” and added that “it wasn’t bad.” “I can definitely describe his junk perfectly if I ever have to,” she said, in the second-most disconcerting sentence of the interview. But the award for “most disconcerting sentence of the interview” goes to when Daniels said that Trump told her “that [she] was someone to be reckoned with, beautiful and smart just like his daughter.” Hm. Think about that, or maybe don’t.

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