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16 Strange But Useful Japanese Inventions


Chindogu is the Japanese art of inventing silly and useless things which solve everyday problems. The invention is typically unusual but creates a solution to a very specific problem we face every day. The invention may seem useful because of its purpose when in reality it really isn’t useful at all. 

It is typically a product that will lead you to believe that it’s a genius idea when there are other, more practical products that do the same thing.

In this list, we’ll show you some inventions which we actually think would be pretty useful in our everyday lives. Here are 16 strange Japanese Chindogu inventions that we would totally use in our everyday lives. If not for their usefulness, then for their sheer strangeness.

1. Buttered toast lovers unite! If you love toast as much as I do, you probably get pretty frustrated when you try to smear hard butter onto your toast only to have it completely rip your toast to shreds. This interesting Japanese invention called a butter grater is totally something I would buy. And I can already think of so many other things I’d use it for (*cough* popcorn *cough*). Yum.


2. If you’ve ever gone to work or for an important meeting dressed to the nines and then rain starts pouring within minutes of stepping outside, you’ll be happy to hear that this awesome umbrella tie exists.


3. For some reason, I’m deathly afraid of putting any type of liquid in my eye (or anything else for that matter), which is why I will never agree to get contact lenses. But this interesting eyedrop funnel invention may just solve that problem. Or not, who knows.


4. If you love singing karaoke but are a little self-conscious of your voice, this “silent” karaoke invention is just the thing for you.


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