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16 Strange Inventions That Are Surprisingly Helpful


Throughout history, there have been many inventions that changed life as we know it. Some of the most important inventions to change the world, include:

  • The compass,
  • The wheel,
  • The light bulb,
  • The telephone.

While not every invention is as useful as the aforementioned, there are some that undeniably make life a little bit easier. There have been some strange products unveiled in hopes to become necessities in people’s everyday lives, but as strange as they are, they get the job done.

Here are 16 strange inventions that are surprisingly helpful.

1. This baby stroller and scooter hybrid allows parents to glide around town with their baby in tow. The roller buggy features a specially-made hydraulic brake system with two disk brakes to ensure the child’s safety.

2. The door transforms into an instant ping pong table when needed. Ping pong tables can become an eyesore or clutter up a room when not being used, which is what makes this invention so ideal.

3. Staying dry in the rain is important, but so is seeing! This goggle embedded umbrella allows you to see out in the rain without risking getting wet.


4. This coffee mug also doubles as an iron. Take advantage of your steamy beverage and flatten out those clothing creases, just be careful not to spill any.

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